You Should Shut Up Now

I really think (and this is my most humble opinion)
that you’re a lying sack of shit, and that your presumed
prescience that you think hovers above your
lowly, uneducated friends is nothing but posturing
and overcompensation for your insurmountable dim wit.
And if you think that I’m gonna sit here and take this
lying down, that I’ll roll over so you can get some kind
of lackluster crown from all those unimaginative
sheeple you think you actually lead around,
you aren’t steeped in logic and rationality.
You may be a one man cult of personality, but
your opinions are just word salad,
heavy on the garnish, low on nutrition,
just like your ego, bolstered by your so called
intuition. You’re just an unenlightened
regular old human being. So cut the crap
and start keying in to all the people
in all the towns and cities and places you’ve been.
Because this is life, not just some family sitcom
where everything’s better at the end.


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