A Parody of Recent Events

“What light through yonder window breaks?”
‘Tis the Middle East, with Freedom’s Son,
born of riot, claw, and tongue.

And what of that, The Fourth Estate?

A raging, vicious caliphate!

The people’s rising temper, sate!
The ruler’s hold a frail affair,
with Freedom’s call enough to bear.

Oh! Zuckerburg Oh! Twitter Feed
King’s fingertips, the magic freed.

Let loose the dogs of Hosni’s lair,
the people gathered at the square
shall lend the East their voices there.

What tragety, what hearts doth break
to find their ruler’s grip abate
and in its stead a tighter clasp,
with spikes and terrors in its path.
Cry out, Oh! World, cry at long last!
Let rivers flow toward huddled mass
and feed the fields with water red
from wound to wound your people bled.

See Engle LIVE from parapet!

And now, dear friends, a commercial break.
Note to self: Stock in OPEC.


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