Genesis 9:20-21

We dove in and drove off
to the high lights and jazz,
those swingin’ tunes
and the blue brass blues,
where the food was foreign and warm.

We stayed ‘till the curtain played,
wrapped up in our
wool thick masquerade,
tired and worn.

And though we were quite lost,
Mount Ararat’s
where we landed at,
thick with booze and noise.



  1. weekdaypoet

    I had to look up the verses. 🙂 But then it was AWESOME. Really like this one. Lot of parallel “x and y” phrases in here, which normally doesn’t fly, but… you made it work for you.

  2. An Imperfect Servant

    Haven’t checked out the verses just yet, but I find the poem rather well done. Excellent work.

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