Blaming You

you bring it out in me,
the red tide of the rising sea,
the black pangs of outer space,
the inner pull of a warm embrace.

You toll the bell,
make nature rise and swell,
push and pull the human race,
and try to save them with Your grace.

How easy it would be,
to offer eternity,
to solve the world’s insolvency,
when You broke us in the first place.



  1. slpmartin

    Another very interesting sentiment in your poem to ponder… of course who really broke us…seems to me to be a self-inflicted wound…but that’s just a random thought.

  2. weekdaypoet

    I (at least) saw this shift from speaking to a lover (one of those lovers you love to hate) to God Himself… very interesting.

    I don’t agree with the theology but I appreciate the capture of the feeling.

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